The Evidence

Current CRC Members’ Testimonial.

“The CRC at University of Oregon has been a valuable asset in my success both inside and outside the classroom. Through the CRC I have received support and have found recovery advocates and friends that I did not know existed before. I have thrived knowing that I have a support system on campus that can help me navigate through college while staying clean and sober. The CRC has provided resources unique to the experience of being in recovery while in a collegiate atmosphere. It has been instrumental in my success here at UofO.”

-Anonymous, CRC member since 2012


“The UO CRC has been a huge asset for my recovery, academics and personal growth. I really didnt have that connection between college and recovery until i found the CRC. I was scared and pretty uneasy about returning to college after getting sober but the CRC has made it much more comfortable than i expected. It has definitely helped me navigate college life while maintaining my recovery. The UO CRC has also given me many new opportunities that i would not have had if i hadnt joined. I didnt anticipate the added benefits like personalized academic advising and internship opporunities through the CRC that have really enhanced my experience at the UofO. The support i receive through other CRC members and staff has been invaluable to my success at the University of Oregon.”

-Anonymous, CRC member 2013-2015